Broadsheet 'Studio Visit: Handcrafted Footwear with One of NZ's Top Shoemaking Teachers, Lou Clifton of Shoe School'
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RADIO NZ 'The Joy Project'
26th Nov 2019
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NZ Business Magazine 'The power of 3: Wellington's new creative spirit' 
7th May 2019
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ReNews 'Lou Clifton tells us how making your own shoe can have you feeling "kinda on top of the world."
6th June 2019
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Newshub 'The up-cycling project turning shoes into monstrous artworks'
12th March 2019
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Nadia magazine 'Clever clogs'
Dec 2018

Stuff, Life & style 'I was a cobbler for a week and I am chuffed with the boots I made'
5th Sep 2018
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RNZ, This Way Up 'Classes for kicks'
7th Apr 2018
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TVOne Breakfast 'Top Japanese shoemaker describes Kiwi foot fashion as 'ouch''
16th Mar 2016
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