Hobnail boot

Image from 'Shoe Design: A Handbook for Footwear Designers'

When you book your 5-day Shoe workshop we'll ask you to tell us which style you'd like to make. Your ideas can be very simple - to begin with at least! We spend the first day of your workshop editing and refining your design, (this basically means making a wonderful mess with all our lovely leathers). 

Hobnail boots are traditionally work and military shoes with nailed soles for grip. We've omitted the nails as they tend to slip on smooth surfaces!

Hobnail boots (like derby shoes and dress boots) are characterised by the side panels (quarters) which sit over the forepart (vamp). They have a wide toe and a high toe spring (the rise under the toe).

If you google search 'Hobnail boots' you'll be rewarded with lots of inspirational examples! Our INSTAGRAM is also a great place to look for examples.