9-day Custom workshop
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9-day Custom workshop

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On this intensive workshop you'll be designing, patterning and making a pair of custom designed shoes or boots.
Classes are held 9-5pm daily. Beginners are welcome. Check out the FAQ page for further information. 

Day 1: Designing and pattern-making.
Day 2: Testing mock-ups.
Day 3-6: Sewing.
Day 7: Lasting.
Day 8-9: Sole and heels.

If you don’t see a date that suits you, please email us as we may be able to create one that does…

Got questions? Send Lou and Chantelle an EMAIL or check out the FAQ page for further information. 


Our latest and greatest Custom shoe creations can be found on our INSTAGRAM!


What’s the difference between a 5 and a 9-day workshop? WELL!

For a start we run much smaller class sizes, (max x2 students, compared to x4 on our 5-day Shoe), that means you’ll receive more individual attention from your tutor.

DAYS 1-2: On this workshop you’ll be creating shoes from scratch. That means taking your own feet measurements, selecting lasts (shoe forms) and modifying them to fit you feet. You’ll be drafting shoe patterns of your own design and creating a mock up, which we’ll show you how to edit. All of this is the pixie work that we do for you prior to your arrival at the 5-day Shoe workshop.

DAYS 3-6: Because we have more time we’ll also be encouraging to explore your own design ideas and a variety of construction techniques. During the 9-day Custom you’ll also be creating your own toe-puff and counters (reinforcing which helps your shoe maintain it’s shape), and using equipment and techniques we don’t usually have the luxury of time to show you during the 5-day Shoe workshop.

DAY 7: Less students means this day will be an in-depth look at the art of lasting - it’s so much more than just pulling the leather over your last!

DAYS 8-9: There is a great deal of pixie work that goes into the construction of the soles and heels. Some of it is done by hand, and some with industrial grade equipment - which we will teach you how to use. We usually allow for 1 day for these processes on the 5-day Shoe workshop, but we’re allowing 2 on the 9-day Custom course so that we can help fully explore the options and techniques available you.



  • We encourage you to call or make a time to meet with us to talk about your shoe ideas. If you live in Wellington you're most welcome to make an appointment Please email us to make a time. 

Shoe lasts (forms) determine the shape of your final shoe. Choose from Dress, Nature, Point or Character. Check out the Last Gallery.

Check out the Galleries for style examples. Send me an image of the kind of shoes that inspire you and we can start a shoe discussion!

It is very helpful if you have drawings or photos of the kind of shoe you'd like to make. You can have several pictures - and tell us what you like most about each image. Style ideas can be very simple - we will spend time in the workshop editing and refining your design.

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